You may not be aware that Medsafe, the regulator of prescription drugs, are waging a witch hunt against the natural health industry; raiding health food and sports supplement stores, confiscating products and demanding website owners take down information, or links to information that suggests any kind of therapeutic use.

Essentially, Medsafe are trying to silence the natural health industry, denying the public access to information about safe natural products and what we are now calling "hippocratic medicine".

We are currently investigating reports that Medsafe officials, or people acting on their behalf may be posing as complaining customers and making bogus complaints about products, or ingredients in products, asking health store owners to issue a warning to the public. We believe this has currently been undertaken to discredit certain manufacturers who took part in the Health Freedom campaign last year to stop the “Anti-Vitamin” Bill.

If these customers are in fact Medsafe officials we suspect this is part of a scare mongering campaign to force the industry to accept being regulated by Australian Bureaucrats.  Also to drum up public fear and out cry so we blindly abdicate our sovereignty to ANZTPA (more accurately ANZTGA) to "ensure our safety".  In fact we suspect Medsafe are being coached by TGA officials as these activities are similar to how the TGA behaved in Australia.  A sign of things to come if we in-fact accept the trans-Tasman "ANZTGA".

Don't be fooled!  Please download this Health Store Warning Flyer and drop it in to your local health or sports store letting the staff and manager of the store know what's happening.  If you can also drop them in a copy of our Petition to stop this witch hunt and work towards a sensible New Zealand based regulatory system that takes "hippocratic medicine" (natural products) out of the clutches of foreign multi-national  pharmaceutical companies.  If you could let us know which health stores you dropped them off to for our records at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.