Health Freedom New Zealand (Incorporated Charitable Trust) is a consumer rights advocacy and action group dedicated to reinstating, protecting and defending consumer rights to make our own health decisions.  We should be free to base our decisions on what we, not the government nor bureaucrats, believe are the best health choices for ourselves.  We are a non-partisan, non-profit organisation that exists to support Health Freedom here in New Zealand and globally.

Health Freedom's Vision for New Zealand

We see New Zealand as a creative health economy where qualified natural health professionals stand equally recognised and respected alongside Medical Doctors.

We envision New Zealand as a safe haven for the practice of natural medicine.  Manufacturing of natural products and research and development of natural medicine flourish and are safe from the current world trend of coming under the control of Codex Alimentarius regulations, which are to the detriment of humanity and our health freedom.

We envision a natural health care system that returns to the basic principles of medicine. These include Hippocrates' (The father of modern medicine) two most famous principles: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" and "First, do no harm". We predict that consumer preference will lead to the choice of safe natural medicines, nutritional supplements and therapies being used as a first resort in the treatment of all diseases; and toxic medicines (pharmaceutical drugs) being used as a last resort. We visualise that when this takes place the health of the nation will rapidly improve and the demands placed on our overloaded health system will rapidly diminish.

We envision leaders being strong and doing what's right for the citizens of this nation, resisting the pressure of foreign multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical lobby groups. We see our leaders continuing our international reputation for being the first to say "NO", taking a stand where it counts.  We envision a Natural Health Products Ministry and bureaucracy that is completely separate and independent from the current toxicologically based "Health" Ministry and Bureaucracy; a Ministry which will be transparent and accountable to the public for its actions.

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