Health Freedom stands to uphold and educate everyone about our Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, our Right to Self-Determination, and our Right to choose a range of  health and healing modalities and remedies according to our free will and the exercising of our Rights. We are aware of what appears to be a trend through propaganda, legislation and other means towards restricting our fundamental Human Right to avail ourselves of natural health remedies, modalities and products of our choice, inclusive of our various spiritual, cultural and customary values and beliefs. 

We agree that natural health remedies, modalities and products that have therapeutic and/or medicinal qualities need not, and should not, be classified as a toxic drug, and thus in need of regulating the same way as pharmaceutical drugs. Synthetic drugs work in the body in a different manner from natural products and therefore require a different form of regulation.  Definition of medicinal: Something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease.  Terminology

We agree that NO bureaucrats, governments, or government agencies, corporations, or the like have , or ever can have, ownership over and control of common English words and/or terms like medicine, medicinal, therapy, therapeutic, help, aid, treat, treatment  or remedy

We recognize that the Medicines Act of 1981 and it's Schedule 1 as it is applied to natural products appears to be an attempt to trespass upon our Human Rights in favour of multi-national corporate interests (Big Pharma) by restricting and even banning our fundamental right of access to safe natural remedies and medicines of our choice, and factual information about them.

Surprisingly it appears that Medsafe, operating under toxicological-based regulations, has abandoned the two most well know principles from the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who so accurately said;

 "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", and also stated "First, do no harm"

We are aware, and question WHY, our medical professionals apparently no longer need to take the Hippocratic oath which is 'First, do no harm'.

We are aware that the restrictions imposed by Schedule 1 of the Medicines Act, upon naturally occurring substances and harmless therapies is the cause of the current suppression of natural medicines and dietary supplements and appears to be a trespass of our Human Rights and a gross violation of International Agreements and Law.


Product Regulation

We agree that it is a nonsense for any state, group, body or agency to combine and align safe natural products with toxic medications under the joint name 'therapeutic products' or 'complimentary medicines'.  We also agree that NO natural remedies be regulated over toxic medicines to the favour of pharmaceutical corporate profits in the guise of Medsafe, ANZTPA, the TGA, or any other agency.

We do not agree with the terminology "complimentary medicines" as applied to natural health products or therapies. These are the traditional approach to healthcare used by humans for millennia, and the orchestrated  ignorance of much of the modern medical orthodoxy to recognise the vital importance that nutrients play in human health will, in the future, be considered the greatest genocide abuse perpetrated upon Humanity in known history.


Codex Alimentarius

We are aware that the Codex Alimentarius Commission, created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and codes of practice has now become a great threat to our Human Right of personal health choice as it appears to have become a deceptive program, controlled by pharmaceutical and other multi-national industrial interests, with an agenda of undermining and abrogating our Sovereignty, our Right of Health and Freedom, and Internationally recognised laws, in order to forcibly maintain a mass market for drugs, processed foods, and pesticides, irrespective of the damage perpetrated upon the environment and Humanity.  This appears to be an orchestrated campaign of oppression and slavery.

We are aware that many processed foods and pesticides will perpetuate the need and dependency for healthcare and that Codex Alimentarius appears to be the vanguard in the process of  entrenching the pharmaceutical/allopathic option for that care by removing any and all competition through restricting and even banning our fundamental right of access to safe natural remedies and medicines, as well as factual information relating to them.

We are aware that the Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline appears unscientifically based as it erroneously classifies nutrients as toxins, and uses the science of toxicology to determine meaningless levels of micro-doses as “upper limits” on these essential substances.

Thus it appears that by seeking to covertly classify nutrients as toxins, the pharmaceutical industry is using the mantle of Codex Alimentarius to eliminate nutritional supplements and other natural health options from the marketplace under the deceptive veneer of 'consumer protection', and that the concept of 'consumer protection' is the 'Great Fabrication' of Codex Alimentarius.

We are aware that under Codex Alimentarius it appears that large multi-national corporations, like Monsanto, seek to establish world domination of the food supply and natural health industry, through the establishment of fraudulent  international trade treaties and the oppression and abrogation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.  This is tantamount to slavery.

We understand that the existing rights of New Zealanders to Natural Health choices are under threat by the ANZTPA Treaty, TTPA, TGA, TPA, EPA, Schedule 1 of the Medicines Act of 1981 and the Dietary Supplement Regulations of 1985 section on claims.

We believe the above mentioned are steps towards bringing New Zealand into alignment with the Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG), whose chairman has been quoted as saying, “nutrition is not relevant to health”.

We support the Joint Industry Protocol (JIP), and a stand alone natural products regulatory system that is sensible, protects consumer freedom of choice and provides an environment for local industry to prosper.  We agree this agency be designed for New Zealanders and operated by New Zealanders.

We envision a Natural Health Products Ministry and bureaucracy that is separate and independent from the current toxicologically based "Health" Ministry and Bureaucracy. A  Ministry that is transparent and accountable to the public for its actions.


Human Rights, Fundamental Freedoms, Individual Sovereignty

We encourage the people's representatives, our Members of Parliament, to become fully informed on these important issues, as they are obliged to do given their office.  They would do well to support fact based Health and Freedom initiatives and uphold our Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and International Law. 

To ignore the truth of the matter and our Rights and Freedoms is to put in peril the health of the people and the nation as a whole. It is an abdication of responsibility, an abuse of office, a lack of duty of care by a public servant of the people, and is without Honour .  It is also a crime against Humanity, a violation of International Law, and a gross violation of Human Rights Law.  It is unworthy, of any public servant, particularly a Member of Parliament, to be a party and thus an accessory to any attempted dissolution of any of our Rights. 



Our Bodies - Our Health - Our Rights - Our Freedom - Our Choice - Our Life